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How our program works


Lets get started here are the basic steps listed below

First Step

Find your school

Second Step

Register online

Third Step

Purchase Uniform (optional)


Ready for class

Enrollment Notification

Campus staff will be notified of your child's enrollment.

Student Pick up

A campus staff member will pick up your child from his/her class and take the students to meet the coach at the end of the school day.

Parent Pick Up

You pick your child up at the end of class at your campus designated pick up zone.

No, we welcome all levels of experience 

No, games are optional. Please communicate to your childs coach your child wont be participating. 

Yes, we encourage full program participation to get the maximum benefits of Little Rams. Each program caters to different areas of development.

If a campus has a small amount of enrollment their will be mixed age groups in class. 

No, your child is already enrolled at the time of registration via, after school enrichment or junior rams. 

If your child does not have a uniform at the time of games, we recommend your child wearing like colors to the games. An information packet about the games is generally sent before game season begins. 

Games begin in October and April

Thats great! Your child can play for both organizations. With little rams your child will be playing with his/her schoolmates against local schools in the area. This is much like playing for middle school or high school soccer and practicing with a club outside of school. In our case, we are your childs elementary soccer.

Putting our athletes first

Our Strong Points

Little Rams was designed to promote positive youth development and offer a safe place were kids can explore their athletic abilities and enjoy their time with friends. Our program has a fun professional development curriculum established to cater to two separate age groups, so the child has room to grow within the program each year while in their elementary school. As our program offers games, each season is unique and fun which is why our current monthly return rate is nearly 87% (children having stayed in our program from September – May). Our program aligns with TEKS by helping to promote consistency, physical activity and social development each school year for the child.

Helps Support a safe place
Supports Working families
Supports social and emotional learning
Helps encourage physical activity